How do PRE-ORDERS work?

Pre-Orders are when the item that will be launched has not been manufactured yet. When the drop ends, production will start. On pre-orders shipping times are longer since we have to wait for them to be manufactures before they can be shipped.

Estimated times during COVID TIMES are around 5-10 weeks. Long waiting times are because production can take up to 4 weeks to be complete and for us to receive it. So it's better that they arrive early rather than late.

The plus side is that pre-orders won't sell out during launch period. So anyone who wants one will get one, if they are still on time on the drop.

How long are pre-orders active for?

Pre-orders will last about a week, and if the drop is really popular a bit more.

How do LIMITED DROPS work?

Limited drops will happen when we already have the clothes made and have them in stock. There will be a limited amount of stock for certain product, meaning once it sells out there aren't anymore. Not everyone can get the item.

Limited drops however, will ship much faster than pre-orders. Shipping will start once we receive and process your order.

How long are limited drops active for?

Limited drops will last until the last product is sold

How can I buy?

Throughout our Instagram bio posts and newsletter you will be informed of upcoming drops. When a drop is set, so will the date and time of the drop. It will also be posted here in the homepage. So when the date arrives you can buy the drop here in our website.

Washing instructions?

To preserve optimal condition:

  • Machine wash cold
  • Air Dry to preserve
  • Inside out
  • Air dry to preserve
  • Cold Ironing
  • Machine Wash Cold


How frequent are there drops?

We don't have a pattern at releasing drops, but we are trying to make them once a month

Accepted payments?

Because of some issues. At the moment PayPal is accepted. We are working on credit card payments as well.

What are hoodies made from?

We are doing our best to make this hoodie high quality for the good of the earth and for our Kitsune Family! So all our products will be 100% cotton.

What are points, and how do they work?

We've inserted a reward system of points called Kitsune Points. Every dollar you spend here (shipping not included) will give you 1 point.

For example: If you bought a 70$ hoodie, you'll get 70 points.

You earn 30 points when its your birthday

You earn 20 points when you sign up in our page

To be able to collect and redeem points you need to make an account in kitsunemasuku.com. This will not only give you points but it will make it easier for us to contact you with news or updates!

Can I Redeem my Points?


100 Kitsune Points for 5% discount coupon

140 Kitsune Points for a 10% discount coupon

210 Kitsune Points for a 15% discount coupon

280 Kitsune Points for a 20% discount coupon

You can redeem at any time


We do make giveaways eventually, follow us on INSTAGRAM: KITSUNEMASUKU

Quizzes and discounts?

 Before some drops, there will be quizzes related to the drop.

Winners will get coupons that they could use on that drop or other drops. It can also be given as points since you can only use one discount per order. 

Prizes are:

First place to get them all correct 20% Discount

Second place to get them all correct 15% Discount

Third-Fifth place will get 10% Discount.

After you've answered send me a DM with ScreenShot of all your correct answers.

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