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Let’s talk about Parasyte. A series that I’ve promised to see from a very long time now… truth be told, it was the only anime show my girlfriend insisted I see.  So, I had time this summer and well what can I say, I was completely stunned with this show. At first glance it seemed like the usual alien infestation, but as I saw more and more episodes, the more I felt this unusual need to keep going. It is an interesting and a very real and crude anime. Not just that but it really feels like an addiction at my perspective. Parasyte has many interesting perspectives about OUR own reality and about what we are doing to this world. So even though it seems fictitious it really doesn’t seem far off

This Anime does not have comedy at all, like I’ve mentioned, this is a crude and amazing show, it becomes more and more serious anime, the more episodes you see it. But even though it doesn’t have comedy at all (and I consider myself to be a lover of comedy) it is more amazing to my point of view, because it doesn’t have at all a comedy relief, it is pretty much great.It is a pretty much a very original series, nothing seemed forced and the pace seemed amazing at all times, it kept me very entertained and characters have a great contrast with the story.

My favorite thing about this show is that even though you think there can be no surprises there really is.

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Character Review


Like always I’m going to review the most relevant characters to the story

Shinichi Izumi: I really liked the development Shinichi got in such a short time, of course much of it was thanks to Migi but that made it great. We see him change to many personalities as part of an evolution. He was very conflicted at all his stages, he wanted to be a hero but remember that he could hurt his close ones, he is a good MC and with Migi they give the show a good balance.

Migi: Migi is different from all the other parasytes in the series. He is intelligent, and he didn’t develop the urge to eat humans. He always gets development because every day that passed in that world, he discovered more and more about life, which meant he learned new things and developed others.

The connection of Migi and Shinichi is amazing and is basically what makes the show great. It’s like we get two main characters in this series morphed into one.

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Ryoko Tamura/Reiko Tamura: One of the most interesting characters to me in this show is really Reiko, she is incredibly intelligent and really was always a threat to our main characters but at the same time she wasn’t. She really was a very curious being and she wanted to discover everything about humans and parasytes, together, apart etc. Her development is great even in the end. She contributes so much to the story and to Shinichi.

Satomi Murano: I understand that she truly loved him as he was, she fell in love with what originally was Shinichi. Not a bad character but she was kind of boring to be honest. With Shinichi’s new nature and odd behavior.

Kana Kimishima: A cool character, a calm but carefree person, we saw her first as a kind of bully but also has good development, to be honest…  She was a better choice of romantic interest for Shinichi, she would always accept the evolution of Shinichi, their chemistry was good, but she was just too carefree.

Murano and Kana were the romantic choices Shinichi had at first, I thought that he belonged with Murano because she truly loved him and not a new stronger cooler version, but then Kana fell in love with the newer version of Shinichi but that was also his new self at that moment. I think the dynamic would have been better with Kana because for me kana was a more interesting character. 

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Now here is where the characters divide to less important/relevant.

Kuramori: Good character for the story, interesting but boring at the same time, necessary character plot wise.

Goto: Machine killer. Truly horrifying to see but not of time on screen, would love to have seen more of him.

Uragami: A true monster his character gives chills, seen a short amount of time, but loved the meaning of his character being in the story as the horrifying side of humanity.

Hirama: A detective we see a short time, smart but naïve.

Izumi parents: A bit necessary for Shinichi’s development but very side characters that could be irrelevant. Loving parents and loved to see them in the story because of the affection they gave Shinichi, their characters were more to bring a heartwarming balance to the story.

Story Review

The plot is interesting since it revolves around parasytes that could be aliens or even from earth. A story that had a forced relationship turned to a great relationship just because of survival. Also story wise what parasyte does is to demonstrate how humans are monsters to nature. There are many turning points and many intriguing parts in this show, and I really enjoyed it, the pace is good it’s not slow or rushed. Plus, the show does justice to the horror manga series with psychological and horrific but intense and amazing twists. It really has an amazing plot that provokes reaction from the audience, not only this but as mentioned in the characters it has a great and unique character development, plus good romance, and action scenes.

Not only that, but the human emotion in the anime is amazing, you can really feel the pain, the love the heartbreak and horror.

Dying is a big part of this show and that’s something that many fans want.

The most amazing part is that parasytes way of life was like human’s way of life. We are the parasytes of Earth.

Animation/Soundtrack Review

Parasyte has a detailed art in the show, has incredible action sequences, not only are they incredible but its impossible to miss a second of it because every second will be crucial. Fights are quick but amazing. Parasites morphing and the monsters “Look” is truly horrifying in a good way, it made the manga justice.

The soundtrack is moving it is hypnotizing since it really makes you feel in the scene, the music is very deep and powerful, it is the kind of music that you would listen on the bus staring at the window, it has this calm and heartfelt emotion in the soundtrack that fits spot on to every scene. Also, there is rapid and intense music as well for action scenes. It is a great soundtrack

Intro song and animation took some getting used to but ended up loving it. Moving and intense yet mysterious.

The animation in the Japanese landscapes is truly very well done, we get a very close feel to being in Japan, we get so immersed to the place and time of this show at all times.The art is incredible. (Also props to Jujutsu Stroll, because after an intense episode it gives us tranquility).

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 Somethings that need to be better

In reality it has a few things that could have been better but for a 24 episode anime it was amazing.

  • Short battle scenes: For a one season show you can’t waste time…


  • Depth in some female and some side characters: The majority of the characters are amazing with amazing development and have a great relationship with the story so it’s just some characters


Kitsune Masuku's Rating: 9.3

Parasyte is an excellent and brilliant anime show that has amazing characters with good development, great plot, amazing and chilling horror scenes. It takes a realism to a new level even though it’s a Sci-fi/horror show. Emotions are shown in a true heartfelt way, animation is great quality and in reality everything adds up. Demonstrating that this Anime is a great one that I would recommend to everyone. It will not disappoint.

Kitsunes Masuku’s rating will be a 9.3

This series really exceeded my expectations and kept me glued to my seat. I couldn’t take my eyes off the show.

Please leave your thoughts and comments! What did you think of Parasyte: The maxim? Please know all opinions are respected and appreciated!


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