Mob Psycho 100 S1 Review

Mob Psycho, what a show, I was recommended this show because I loved one punch man, the humor is amazing, and the action was great. Honestly at first, I saw mob psycho but all I could see was one punch man, thought it was going to be kind of the same, and don’t get me wrong the MC is so OP and I like that, but I was wrong, it is very different.

It is a very exciting show, has great development and interesting visual. This show is very thoughtful and charming, it is eye catching. It simply proved to be its own show and not a copy of One punch man. For me it matched the quality and even added stuff that wouldn’t fit in One punch, so let’s review it in more detail

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Character Review

 Shigeo Kageyama: Like you may have known I won’t review side characters unless they are something special. Mob is a nice change of pace of MC because we don’t get the overconfident, or the MC with a dream yes, he is so OP but, he doesn’t believe he is special, he doesn’t want his power to be the why to why he is great. He believes in effort in helping and in many more things. He will always be compassionate forgiving and kind. He has principles but is willing to break them in any emergency. I get he isn’t the most interesting mc but that’s what makes him great, even he doesn’t believe he is special, but when emotions go to 100, we all know he is a GOD.

Arataka Reigen: Reigen seems like a very unlikable con man at the beginning but since we get more time with him on screen, we know that there is more to reigen than what we saw at the beginning. He is by far one of the most comical characters in the show, his personality contrasts very good with mob, because even though he uses mob, he also cares for him and helps him in any way he can, not only that but the duo of humility and shyness and comical and confident is really good. He is by far a character that makes this show great, also my personal favorite.

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Ritsu Kageyama: Another good character of the series, it almost looked like he could be the true MC, he was kind passionate, but he revealed his true colors with the envy and jealousy he had of mob, he had a great development because it was never just the same side, we got to see in season 1 at least 3-4 different sides of him, with different emotions. That made him a complex character, that he actually felt so many things than what we thought he actually felt, then he then progressed to channel his emotions and saw that there were other things in life than having psychic powers.

Teruki Hanazawa: He is one of the characters with best development in this series, in season 1 we get to see a change but its only until S2 that we get the best out of this character. He started as a potential rival yet enemy and then we got to the point where we loved him and the friendship, he develops with mob. His Hair is the best part of him

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Dimple: I actually was pretty fond of this character since at the beginning he was nothing more than another spirit that mob defeated, but he ended up tagging along and although he had a purpose in mind, he helped the heroes so much he actually became a good guy, actually his form was pretty funny for me.

Awakening Lab Team: The team is nothing special in season 1 we didn’t even know much of the characters and their powers well, let’s just say they were closer to reigen.

Body improvement club: They were honestly a good comedic relief and a huge support to mob, without being too loud (not literally, because they were) they were a huge pillar to mob’s development, they supported him always and changed him for the better, they motivated him and always where there to protect him even if he didn’t need it.

Claw: Villains at this moment were good when facing our heroes, we finally saw potential rivals to mob, but little did we know that, well, not really. In S1 the son of Claw was a pretty interesting character to end the season with.

Story Review

I believe that the goal of the author isn’t to have a crazy excellent story like AOT or death note, I do in fact found some of the episodes not boring but missing a spark but mostly I was entertained, at the moment I wanted something that would be chill but fun and nice to watch, having including comedy and action but a very wholesome content I really like the story. The development in characters is really good, everyone has its own time to shine.

The story doesn’t feel paused neither rushed it’s a very smooth story telling with so many details and developments. The things I did like is that we were introduced to a character focused story and it doesn’t disappoint. Doing this we follow a bit of what mob is like, the story makes us feel like him, that it isn’t special, and it doesn’t need to be, but passing more and more episodes we know it is special, even though it won’t make you feel like that, you just know that it is special. At the same time big plots didn’t turn out like we thought. It is really refreshing.

Animation Review

Animation is really good, and a daring one, since it is kind of like a wacky animation it takes, some getting used to it, it grows on you and it works amazing with the characters and story. Specially the animation works so good with the comedic part of the show.

It is not a sharp animation, but it is an enjoyable one, that matches the type of shows, also the animation is very consistent, there wasn’t a single time when the animation looked poor or sloppy. It is the exact same style the manga has. Only in big parts is it flashy and sharp.

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Soundtrack Review

The opening is really good, it’s very catchy and kind of inspiring. Sound overall fits the scenes well and makes the show very watchable in almost any moment, the music added defined the moment and changed the story.

Things that could have been better

  • Since it is a smooth storytelling, it’s not rushed or slow, but the downside of this is that we know that we will only see big events or big fights when the counter reaches 100 which usually won’t happen once per episode
  • The comedy is not for everyone because it is built upon and not necessarily an immediate release
  • Sometimes a few episodes can be felt like fillers
  • I felt there was a lack of interesting side characters in season 1, that made villains and others look pretty weak or uninteresting, the principal characters are really good that from the sidelines there isn’t other that were special.

Kitsune Masuku’s Rating:
I found this show really enjoyable and easy to watch, some may think it is overrated but I believe that it is actually underrated. It’s a show that brings new elements or ones rearely used. I liked this season and for the introduction it had pretty great thingsI recommended you watch this, specially if you're looking for something interesting but chill and funny.
Kitsunes Masuku’s Rating will be 8.4

Así luce Mob Psycho 100, el nuevo anime del creador de One Punch Man



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