Jujustu Kaisen S1 Review

Well let's start! Jujutsu Kaisen is a revolutionary and a very unique shonen jump anime.

I only started watching this show because the weeb community was recommending it so much. When I first saw it, I didn't know what to expect but after seeing one episode I was so addicted that after seeing the first 9, I recommended it to my girlfriend and started watching it from the beginning until we finished the season. I liked it so much that it's one of my favorites now, heck I even dyed my hair and painted it pink.

From the beginning of this Anime, we caught glimpses of a serious yet very funny Anime. I personally love humor, but this doesn't mean that humor is all it is, when things get down it makes us have full attention and it captivates us so much. Now the thing I loved about humor in this show was that it was so original and yet it isn't forced in scenes where it isn't needed, also it brings out traits in characters like Gojo, Yuji and even Nanami, they incorporated humor to each character at least a bit but in their own way, not in the same way for everyone, you notice this while watching Nanami. Another thing is that even though they face death, sadness and hate everyday, their original personality is still there. But my anime senses tell me that Jujutsu's humor will not be so present in the future, since we are dealing with curses after all.

Character Review

Now, reviewing the characters I think that most of us saw a resemblance to Naruto characters, we have the main character who has a personality that makes everyone want to follow and they also have an entity that has been sealed inside them ( Although in this case, Yuji realized that Sukuna wouldn't help him, he is after all a curse and you don't see Yuji depending on Sukuna's power or trying to change him a bit like you do in Naruto), you have the loving sensei that has white hair, a eye band, and visual prowess, also they are badass. Then you have a more friendlier Sasuke and a useful Sakura, but one of the thing that also makes this anime so great is the way that there is no love interest in the 3 friends, they are just simply friends. That is a great change of pace, most anime have a sometimes forced love interest and here they are just friends, they have no interest or space for love. I think the only one who has a love interest is Todo, and us every time we see Gojo.

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But enough comparison, lets review the characters individually, Yuji has a very great heart and since the beginning we have known that he was very talented at everything and I love that we saw his development in an early stage at a point where he is now very powerful, and not wait 3-4 seasons like in other anime. Gojo is the light of the show, he is so powerful and so badass, but at the same time very childish and light hearted (even the revolution he wants to cause is not by fighting it's by teaching), the show is so good due to Gojo, he has a very strong leadership and every time he is on stage he becomes the center of our attention. His awesomeness only grows, and he isn't a harsh or strict teacher, he uses unique methods to teach and is very likeable, intelligent and strong. Also the friendship he developed with Yuji is amazing and every time they are together it makes us feel like everything is going to be okay and obviously it gives our heart pure wholesomeness.

Now Megumi and Nobara are great as well, they have had a good development especially Megumi the last episodes, he has done everything to catch up to Yuji and we now know a bit of his backstory, his power is really cool and I can't wait to see what Sukuna wants from him. We don't actually know much of Nobara but she is becoming more and more part of the group. 

The rest of the Tokyo high is great as well, we've finally got strong women characters like Maki and she is amazing, a real badass with pure weapons, her personality is so strong. Panda is just great he has so many secrets we just found out and he is a loving, caring teddy bear. Inumaki has a badass power but he is just so simple and I find really funny he only speaks in ingredients.

To make the rest of the character review short, on Kyoto high, everyone is very interesting, Todo certainly takes center stage, but I loved how in the student event we got to know a bit about everyone with some backstories that gave them certain development in little time.

The curses and Geto are very interesting, each having very different personalities, but the one who certainly caught everyone's eyes is Mahito, he looks so innocent and is very passive aggressive and certainly gives me the chills, this would be a curse that I wouldn't want to face, ever. He is just becoming stronger and stronger.

Story Review

The story is great, with so many turning points and unexpected twists, they even pranked us so hard with Junpei. My point is, it hasn't been a predictable series, every time we think we know something the story changes drastically, but it makes it fun and very entertaining, also very simple to follow. And I believe the subplots got justified at the end because they had so many developments and also it connected very well to the main story. Also the main stakes are so high in this story, I believe we can expect many deaths like we see on attack on titan in a future. Because every time there is a battle, fear strikes our heart because the good guys may lose.

Animation Review

Mappa has truly done something amazing, even though they have been criticised in a very stupid way for Attack on titan, they really put all their effort into making this one, the art is amazing, so accurate to the manga panels and its just amazing. For example:

  • When we see the cursed energy in Yuji
  • The fighting effects and fighting scenes are so smooth
  • The Openings and Endings are so great I watched them every time to the very end, (props to Eve for my favorite opening and also to lost in paradise)
  • When there is humor or any kind of facial expression.
  • The reference to some shows is really great, I specially loved the JOJO one.

The animation in the Japanese landscapes is truly very well done, we get a very close feel too being in Japan, we get so immersed to the place and time of this show at all times.The art is incredible. (Also props to Jujutsu Stroll, because after an intense episode it gives us tranquility).

 Somethings that need to be better

Now not everything can be good, and it took me a bit of time to realize what needs to be better:

  • By far one of the things that need to be better is the female screen time, they have so many amazing female characters that they need to have more screen time, right now it isn't much
  • The trio got broken too soon but they've regrouped 
  • Sometimes the feel of some villains feel generic, specially at the beginning


Kitsune Masuku's Rating:

I will give this anime a very solid 9.5 , I recommend it so much, specially if you love action animes with humor. Also if you have seen a lot of shonen jumps this one will exceed your expectations since it is a very different from the ones we are used to.


Please leave your thoughts and comments! What did you think of Jujutsu Kaisen? Please know all opinions are respected and appreciated!



  • Hey! So glad we’re talking about Jujutsu Kaisen, I loved everything about this anime since episode 1. As a girl, I like the fact that Nobara isn’t romantically interested in any boy of her group, like most girl characters appear in anime. Although I agree with you, i’d like to see more backstory of female characters since they have a lot of strong female leads. Apart from that, I adore the uniqueness of every character, even though at the beginning you could’ve sense that resemblance in similar shonen jump stories, I think that at the end you get to know each personality in different ways.
    Please keep me posted for the next anime review! So excited!

    Re Zaldivar
  • So glad you enjoyed it! This anime just shows what happens when the content material is great, and the studio is given a good direction for the anime. An example where Crunchyroll screw this up is in Tower of God, where they were given little time and rushed the pacing, BUT some of the fight scenes are amazing. It was done by Mappa too, and sadly it may not get a 2nd season due to bad pacing, but that definitely won’t happen with JJK. This season should only be seen as an introduction to this world, and the second season will raise the stakes. Nice piece of writing, and if you can’t wait for more of this story you should definitely read the manga! Gege Akutami is a good drawer and great writer, and he is friends with Horikoshi, the mangaka of MHA. His comments at the end of his works are great!

    Manuel Delgado

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