Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Phantom Blood Review

For the starting of a great anime, JoJo’s Bizarre adventure part 1: Phantom Blood is not as flashy as many first seasons in other animes, but it is a very solid pillar in which they built the rest of the saga. It is a simple story where they set the essence of the whole anime and where the “protagonist” and antagonists are set, not necessarily the same characters but the same idea.

Why I started watching this show? Well, I wanted to understand all the memes reference and also my brother insisted, little did I know it would turn out so great.

Character Review

I will not review side characters like Jonathan’s father: George, or Wang Chan, because although they are relevant to the story, we see little of them, so I prefer to go into. Detail in the important characters.

Starting off with Jonathan Joestar: Starting as a weakling yet kind and courageous kid, he never gave up and always stood up to challenges, including ones that he may lose to. He gave us a very gentlemen attitude. He was forced to grow up by Dio and become a strong and proud adult. He was always fearless and selfless. Although he was our first MC, he could become a bit boring. His character missed a kind of spark.

Dio Brando: As a character he is miles above Jonathan for me.

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He is one of the best characters the series has had. Why? Because although he has evil in his veins, he will always be a ruthless villain but with a very delicate line of goofiness or stupidness. It is very subtle, but it is an amazing trait to have in a character because it makes it interesting for the rest of the audience, he is always so mysterious, so it captivates us so much.

Will Zeppeli: He came into the story bringing new elements in characters and well, there has to be a sensei to our MC always, although he can sometimes be boring, he inspired the audience, and he was completely fearless and calm 100% of the time. He is always cool in battle and will do everything in his power to help Jojo and defeat evil. His character can be a bit predictable to the audience.

Robert Speedwagon: He is the” foundation” of this anime (Pun intended, you’ll understand this if you see the whole show). He gives us a sidekick feel, and although most of the time he can’t do anything he is always there for support. He is honorable and hot-blooded. He is great to have besides Jojo because he brings emotions and a very nice feel when fighting is happening.

Erina Pendleton: Well, she is really important to the story, kind of a guardian angel. Although we see really little of her, we immediately get the feel that she is sweet and caring but she had so much strength inside of her and a commanding presence.

Story Review

The story is interesting and mysterious, like I said it’s a good start not an amazing one but it was necessary for the rest of the anime, it leaves us with many questions which I believe is great and it makes us want more, I remember that at the end of this first arc I couldn’t believe it, I thought season 2 was going to be about the same characters, that intrigued me more, the fact that it’s not the typical story were heroes always win, it always evolves and changes and I love that.

Animation Review

Animation is pretty good, it has nice fights nice effects and it’s the arc that less needs them, but animation is on point with the series, it has all the essence of the manga and if makes us feel there at that precise moment. Everything about this first arc is a pillar for the next seasons including the animation.

Soundtrack Review

To be honest I don’t remember much about the soundtrack, it followed the story very good, but this first season openings and endings didn’t make me feel much, it wasn’t as motivational, but when interesting things happened that’s when the magic happened in soundtrack, mostly in fights.

Things that need to be better

Well, since this was making some time ago, the things I would correct from this arc where corrected, like I said, what this arc made was completely necessary for more stories in the future.

Kitsune Masuku’s Rating:

Since it’s the start of something amazing, it was very decent, so ill rate it at 8. A pillar for a very good anime but what’s next is what gets you addicted to this show, it’s a good show but not very very interesting. Our MC could have been better but that’s why it’s the first!

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