Don't toy with me miss Nagatoro

After seeing one of the most popular anime series on spring, I can honestly say that is a good romance/comedy anime. It was really entertaining and wholesome to see. I don’t usually see romance anime’s. I didn’t expect anything at all, but the series is very well done and I enjoyed it.

Now let’s break down this show!

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Character Review

Everyone has good development, like normal humans when you interact a lot of time with someone new, you start to normally like this person as a friend or anything else

One thing I really liked is that there aren’t many characters, that was a nice change of pace. Really everyone else was irrelevant to the story that they didn’t even had face.

Hayase Nagatoro: A fun character that made the anime so wholesome and entertaining. She is fun adventurous and really daring, love the way she bothered senpai. What starts as teasing ends up being developed a lot. She gets a lot of development. She acts in a teasing cute way and seeing her is very enjoyable to watch. Also loved her expresions and when she got jealous. 

Naoto hachioji: Senpai, an awkward and shy boy that really doesn’t have any social interaction until she met Nagatoro, He also has a good development. He grows as a person and develops many traits he didn’t have at the beginning.

Loved this duo

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Maki Gamo : Great side character with a more fierce personality but her job was not just to tease Senpai like the rest of the gang but she always teased senpai to tease Nagatoro.

Sakura and Yoshi: Less important to the story but still were fun to watch, gave the story cool elements to play with.

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Club President: Although she appeared in a very few episodes, she gave the story a twist and a kind of like a final test in their character development to Nagatoro, Senpai and the gang. Serious but intense and powerful.

Story Review

The storyline is not complex at all, it is a short series having only 12 episodes but it holds its ground very well. It has a good ongoing story between the episodes that it makes you feel that the characters really are developing. It is enjoyable and good paced. Also, the story walks on a line of wholesomeness and a bit of pervy story but at the end it sends the right message, and they had all those elements that where kind of the point of the story/anime.

Animation/Soundtrack Review

Animation is nice and vibrant since they capture Nagatoro well. The quality is just amazing and better than even some famous amines. It has a nice temperature in its art and great color schemes. Soundtrack is good and gives this show life.

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 Somethings that need to be better

In reality it has a few things that could have been better but for a 12 episode anime it was very good.

  • First episode doesn’t sell it for many people, you really need to get past that.
  • For some people it’s a bit cliché


Kitsune Masuku's Rating: 8.7

Don’t toy with me miss nagatoro is a good romantic comedy that will lighten your mood any day, it is wholesome, entertaining and if you don’t have anything to see if is a short and very chilling experience.

Really want to see a season 2 to be honest, I really enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun!

Kitsunes Masuku’s rating will be a 8.7

Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san


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