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Darling in the franxx: Well since many have mentioned it is basically a very sensual evangelion at first glance, but for many it is an excellent show and for others it isn’t good, so lets review it.

I must say that the beginning kept me captivated and interesting, and they had good characters but as the show went on, I started losing interest. The story became cliché at the end, something we have seen many times, the story started to get a bit boring, and very predictable and without context.  I believe that I’ve seen that same story ending in over a thousand movies or shows. It’s a very rushed anime ending but a good thing is that makes you feel so many emotions, in that sense you do get submerged in the story. I believe though that it isn’t a generic anime and had a fresh creative storytelling. The story makes great analogies and heavy themes.

Don’t get me wrong it had so much potential to be a great anime, and I enjoyed most of it, but the ending felt rushed, like it was made in a hurry

But lets review the good and the bad

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Character Review

Characters are one of the best thing this show has, the team was carefully thought, and everyone had the attitude needed for a perfect team chemistry at the end.

Zero Two: She I’ll admit is a great character, not only is she a waifu to many, obviously not to me since I am immune *cough cough*.

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But she stole the show whenever she appeared on screen, she was a complex character because she looked happy and carefree in the surface, she was very aggressive, ill-tempered but assertive, she had sharp instincts but the development this character has throughout the show is very good. Having a mysterious past and life, she brings excitement and mystery to the show.

Hiro: A good character, from the start he had low self-esteem even though he was always the special one. But everything changed when he met Zero Two. He gave it his all always even if it meant it might kill him. He only wanted to feel useful and to help his beloved team.

Ichigo: She was the overprotecting mom of the group and yes, she was the leader of the squad, although at the beginning she let her feelings get in her way she then learned and became the rightful leader of the team. She matured very well in the show and was a fierce and intelligent character

Goro: Goro is by far one of my favorite characters of this show. He was a true friend, and he always supported his friends, even Hiro when no one else would, he is the kind of friend we all need and hopefully one we will have. He respects others even when his feelings are going in the other direction. He will always be selfless, and he always put others above himself. He was always the team member who would fix everything, especially when he was the voice of reason to ichigo to finally accept zero two and hiro together. The thing I liked is that when he truly believes something, or someone wouldn’t listen he would show us his fierce side, a very mentally strong and mature character.

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Ikuno: A quiet but important member of the team, although she was more introvert, she was always concerned by them, even for mitsuru. She was more complex and interesting character at the end of the show because she discovered who she truly was. We would always get the feeling she was suppressing so much stuff.

Miku: for me Miku is not a good character since she is basically a Tsundere (Japanese term for a character development process that depicts a character with a personality who is initially polarized warm/soft, cold, temperamental, hotheaded and sometimes even hostile before gradually showing a warmer, friendlier side over time.) She was just really basic, and we’ve all seen this type of character many times in many other shows, she really lacked depth and was the least develop and complex character.

Zorome: To me he was rude prideful but not in an interesting way, it almost felt like every time he argued was to overcompensate something. He would always mock any mistakes anyone made, especially Hiro. He wasn’t respectful, true at the end we did end up being a good team member, but I don’t think much of this character.

Mitsuru: A good, developed character, an arrogant, always mad and annoying boy to a good friend, lover, person. He was very cocky and prideful but after being exposed to some truth to others acknowledging his true feelings, he developed to be a good teammate, friend and he became quite happy.

Kokoro: She gave the characters a positive vibe, since she was very loving and warm, she was liked by all. But she was shy, she never gave voice to her opinions, especially the controversial ones.

Futoshi: To be honest I didn’t think much of futoshi, although he was polite and kind, I actually thought he was annoying. But he does make the audience feel kindness and friendship since he never let anything get in his way. At first, we all thought he was boring but then he had some complex development in the background.

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The 9’s: Truthfully the one we truly see is 9’he was interesting, and it was a very interesting squad, they were all papa’s girls/boys. But they were badass in battle.

Nana and hachi: Nana was especially interesting more in the end of the show because she started to feel and to be affected by this and hachi was a necessary character for order.

Dr. Franxx was honestly irrelevant until the end but his backstory was very interesting.


Story Review

The story had a true and complex depth that isn’t viewed at first glances. Building the world in the story was done great. In terms of stories each episode gave the viewers more and more questions and the answers aren’t in front for some time. This started as a very good story that needed to be read among the lines. It created a very good atmosphere of conflict and the emotions presented are felt by us you may experience many emotions while watching this, it created relatable situations, characters.

Background stories are done very well, it takes on necessary topics that need to be talked about more and the initial storytelling is very good. Initially it keeps you hooked for some time, and to be honest it definitely deserved a part 2. But the last episodes it feels kind of forced. The plot twist it had in my opinion was kind of cliché and it was made so quickly, it wasn’t developed in a matter of one episode or two the story changed completely. I was hooked until the last couple of episodes. I felt that the show deserved more and a better ending maybe one destined to expand to a part 2 so it wouldn’t feel as rushed.

Animation Review

Animation is great, it has stunning visuals and really good fighting scenes, it is truly breathtaking. Feelings are animated in a very amazing way and it never failed to make you feel as if you were in the same building or place or even at a certain point in a season.

The scenery/landscapes on this show are beautiful, it makes everything feel like a paradise and it just felt so real.

Combat is greatly animated, real good action.

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Soundtrack Review

Studio trigger and A-1 pictures had a good moving soundtrack and it always felt like it was at the right moment, it immerses you more to the moment and emotion that is felt.

Opening and ending was catchy and good for the romantic drama show.

Things that could have been better

  • Already mentioned the final episodes felt forced or without context they happened, and it wasn’t explained at all, so it shocked the viewers. My point is the ending was like a complete other anime where it’s supposed to connect dots it lets us with more doubts, so many things happened in the ending we didn’t even know what was truly happening.

Kitsune Masuku’s Rating: 7.5

The rating for this anime will be 7.5 It brought up a freshness and it moves the viewer emotion wise; development is great, and anime is great as well. It has a great plot. I think the problem is definitely that it was overhyped and the ending the ending episodes changed the anime so much and it didn’t, well at least for me, it didn't connect at all with the original plot, it’s a whole different story, one that would have been great maybe for a second season. I would still recommend it because even though the rating is not that good, I believe this is one of the most polemic animes. Some rate it low and the other half very high. So, this is just what I thought of it! Looking forward to seeing comments and discuss it respectfully!


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